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A slow intro to Iceland

I love making lists. I love being able to tick things off those lists even more, especially when those things are places and experiences from the bucket list.

In December 2014, we spent a week in Iceland. A land of jagged edges and rough landscapes, sprawling countrysides of softly snow-covered lava fields, freezing winds and blissfully warm hot springs. A land of gorgeous contradictions.

We joined a very well structured tour from Authentic Scandinavia, starting in Reykjavik. The tour follows the southeastern coast of the island over the course of a week. The local guide is very knowledgeable and as South Africa doesn’t offer many opportunities for driving in ice, this was the best way for us to travel.

Summarising the experience in one post will result in an essay of epic proportions, so I plan on sharing the tour and our solo day in Reykjavik bit by bit. More to come soon 🙂

The area of Iceland this tour covers.

The area of Iceland this tour covers.

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